Entrepreneurs "AND" and entrepreneurs "BUT". Only the "ANDs" can succeed: the "BUTs" find excuses, slow down and delay the process, they are a force of opposition. The "ANDs" find and propose solutions and improvements, move the process forward and are a motivating force...


"Winners find ways, losers find excuses. " FD Roosevelt

Many employees dream of being an entrepreneur. Although they have all the capacities to take the road to independence, some nevertheless find themselves blocked by fear. Fear of failure, fear of the eyes of others, fear of losing what they know, fear of facing obstacles, fear of asking for help so as not to be turned down... In short: fear of entrepreneurship!

If Fear is one of the 4 basic feelings (along with Anger, Sadness and Joy) it is also the one most shared by individuals. In fact, studies have shown that the feeling we are most exposed to during the same day is Fear. Fear can take many different forms: fear of making a mistake, fear of being criticized, fear of doing wrong, fear of being judged... In psychology, fear expresses the unknown and the unknown refers to the notion of danger. In relation to a danger, what is the right attitude to adopt? In this case, protection and help are the only two effective attitudes. Adopting another attitude makes us stay with our fear which limits our capacity for action.

The "BUT" will be able to translate all the objections, pretexts, excuses to justify inaction, to slow down or prevent change: the "BUT" is a murderer of ideas.

The "AND", on the contrary, opens the field of possibilities: "and if one thought differently, and if one did differently, it could bring such and such a consequence, produce such and such an effect".

The fear of success has 4 potential causes: lack of self-confidence, fear of change, a feeling of guilt and unconscious anger.

Accompanying entrepreneurs also means understanding their fears, "helping the entrepreneur to dismantle them", and "treating" them in order to build confidence; By accompanying the Manager to switch from a "BUT" attitude to an "AND" attitude, the Business Mentor is then completely legitimate in this approach. He responds to the call for help, restores confidence, opens the horizons of change, frees the entrepreneur's speech and will to succeed.

And you, Entrepreneurs, Managers or future Managers, are you rather "BUT" or rather "AND"?

 Written by Pierre Dupuy and Michel Val