Who can the leader trust ?

Far too many VSE/SMEs rest on the sole shoulders of their leader. No matter how solid, brilliant, expert they are, ... Everyone has his or her own limits in terms of abilities and skills !  Of course, like any individual, the manager cannot be efficient everywhere.

Being free to make choices' seems to be one of the main drivers of all those who have chosen to be entrepreneurial. But being a leader also means knowing how to surround oneself with people.

Collaborators ? Associates ? Partners ?

In order to choose employees and above all to keep them, you have to give them a clear and motivating roadmap or mission. But also knowing how to arbitrate, lead and ensure the necessary recognition to create the optimal conditions for a lasting collaboration. Everybody agrees with these principles, confronted with reality, they are not always so simple to apply in an emergency.

You also have partners; who have often joined the capital often to support you, to strengthen the equity, to share the risk and to obtain financing from the company. But do you make full use of the range of their skills and networks? Perhaps you don't fully trust their eyes, their benevolence, or you simply refuse to share too much information with them, for reasons of your own.

The questions to ask yourself could be?  Am I surrounded by the right people between my associates and collaborators? What roles have I given them? How can I trust them? ... while keeping control!!!! 


The trust given to a first circle is really decisive. It allows you to take some pressure off yourself and to mobilize your energies to propose useful solutions.  Is your management team really in place? Are you satisfied with the decision-making rules in place? Do you have the time and freedom of mind to think strategically?

Too many of you still don't succeed in passing this stage. It remains a determining factor in building, reacting, confronting ideas, adapting to situations!!!  In the period we are living through many complain about loneliness !!! Even with an SME with 15-20 employees, you need a 'right-hand man'.


Even with an SME with 15-20 employees, you need a 'right-hand man'.

If we all use this 'right-hand man' formula, symbolically it's not for nothing. You can, you have to lean on it. Whether or not he is a partner, this support is regenerative. In this Post Covid period, which is complicated for many, those who are not alone in leading the company, benefit from a point of advance; and a more agile ability to react to situations.

Making it a priority to ensure that this first circle of trust is always in operation is a lesson that we learn during these delicate periods. Many of our VSE/SME customers have understood the importance of not being alone in times of 'storm'!!!!

Sharing this question with its Certified European Business Mentor opens the possibilities for the implementation of an adapted governance.