When can we talk about failure?

Is it failure when you haven't tried everything? When you mix up obstinacy and stubbornness? When you don't learn anything from it?

When a company is in great difficulty, we always observe it is only held together by the "miracle of obstinacy"; but when does it turn into defeat?

The first answer that comes to mind: when the company files for bankruptcy.

But maybe not!!! It may not be at this point that we can speak of failure!


In the face of difficulty, rather than needless obstination, let us use sensible determination!

A failing business can make you think, push you to shift your reflecting. With this rethinking, you can rebound, because you benefited from your analysis, your introspection. Eventually, you can exploit the situation, you use it, the entrepreneur that you are takes control and finds what characterizes you and your creative potential! Remember that this is what you are at the start, a creator. If from a situation of failure, you can create a new project, how can we then speak of failure?


Wouldn't the ideal situation lie in taking advantage of any situation that is a little "difficult" to overcome hardships without having to hit rock bottom, in order to innovate and find the solution?

How can we do it?

By taking a step back? Yes, this is the solution.

Easy? No.

Why? Typically, the entrepreneur is alone, in their decision-making and inside their head (at least we hope so).

What do you really need to get back into position? To be able to exchange confidently, safely,  with an "alter ego" who will question all your strategic points, who will reflect with you, who even sometimes, will bring you their knowledge. From this win-win exchange, the entrepreneur gets the right energy and activates the correct levers of their creative determination, without falling into unreasonable obstinacy.


The Business Mentor is here for that.