Why did I choose to join ADINVEST France as a Regional Referent?


After 25 years spent in the transport and business services sector, having been Director of Subsidiaries for almost 15 years, and having seen many company directors from totally different sectors of activity experiencing the same management and communication problems, I wanted to share my experience. This allowed me to have a first approach to coaching.

Going abroad, for an SME, is first of all a culture shock !

Leaving one's country means facing another language, other legal rules, other ways of negotiating ... " What if  my know-how is copied. And for an SME like mine, that's unimaginable !  Not to mention that I have to speak another language. Forget it, it's not for us! "As one customer told us.

"Startups die mainly because of a failing strategy . Then because the team in charge doesn't work properly. Financial problems are not the major cause of failure of these companies. »

Startups and Business Mentoring, here are some statistics.....


You will have understood , with the first 2 episodes of our micro saga on startups and Business Mentoring, that before money, it is  quality and the human factor that must be taken into account, at all levels and at every stage.

Nevertheless, supporting this analysis with some statistical data enables to give it substance and to replace it facing an uncompromising "business" reality!

So, may you ask, what is the link with Business Mentoring?


Quite simple, I will answer : without considering that any startup manager, without a Business Mentor, will necessarily experience this catastrophic scenario  (which I deliberately exagerated), the fact of being supported throughout the life of his company, and in particular during all these critical phases and capes to pass, will most certainly allow him :

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