But where do these changes come from and how do they materialize?

First of all, there is the conjunction of several unfavorable elements at the banking level which will have a strong impact on SME financing from the beginning of 2021 :

Almost everyone has already seen a corporate balance sheet, to take stock of the financial health of the organisation. But few people know how to determine the success of a business without focusing on finances. What are the criteria for a non-financial assessment for what purposes?

Holding, facing, overcoming fear to look at things with the necessary hindsight is the key to survival in times of extreme crisis.

Questions sometimes multiply in the face of tense situations, but rather than projecting an uncontrolled fear, teetering our actions, we can perhaps ask ourselves the more fundamental questions

It is to be feared that this will soon explode in many companies. Indeed, the drop in activity caused by the recent pandemic is limiting cash inflows that do not cover the payment of expenses in the absence of adjustment measures justified by the hope of a rapid return to the previous situation. This leads to the disappearance of available funds, and with no money in front of you, you do nothing!

Will it be different from the current one?

As we know it today, certainly! But without imagining all the possible changes.

The question I can ask myself is this: Do we know 20, 30, 40% or maybe 40% MORE of what's going to change? The answer is not so simple.

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