Holding, facing, overcoming fear to look at things with the necessary hindsight is the key to survival in times of extreme crisis.

Questions sometimes multiply in the face of tense situations, but rather than projecting an uncontrolled fear, teetering our actions, we can perhaps ask ourselves the more fundamental questions

such as:

  1. Are our services and products intrinsically good for our customers and the world at large?
  2. Do they contribute to the improvement of the well-being and the lives of my fellow citizens?
  3. Is our motivation based on the satisfaction of our customers, our employees and our partners, suppliers and third parties?
  4. Whatever the external situation, do I have the motivation and resources internally to continue to serve my clients and/or produce my assets?
  5. Can I continue to serve them in a certain local autonomy or self-sufficiency if necessary? In other words, is my company's supply logistics a risk factor for my business to be shut down in the event of an extreme situation?
  6. Etc…

A positive answer to these questions allows us to restore a certain serenity and to approach extreme crises with the necessary hindsight to make good decisions.

Taking the time to reflect on the fundamental questions of why we do business leads us to confront the irrational fear created and maintained by the media system.

All civilization is progressing in stages. Two steps forward, one step back. 2020 and the years that follow will certainly be years of questioning our economic and societal models. It is imperative that we question the environmental impact of our individual and collective activities, without fear, judgment nor guilt.

We must probably replace unbridled competition with an intelligence of the relationship, a re-appropriation of friendly collaboration and the development of the “good life” together.

ADINVEST and its teams are confident about the future. We believe that many innovative and collaborative solutions are within our reach and that it is a matter of implementing them with intelligence, common sense, responsiveness and foresight.

Fear, while useful in survival in critical cases, should not be the basis of our entrepreneurial decisions. On the contrary, faith in the future, confidence in our teams and our creative abilities, the taste for good and good for our customers, the mastery of our know-how are the key factors in the serene decision-making in the event of a storm.

Fear is the oldest tool for controlling minds and people. It is used by any system that feels cornered before disappearing. The crisis that we have just experienced and which is not over has given it pride of place. Promoted by the media of which one wonders what world they belong to, our economies have instantly stopped, and the impact of this fear has prevented any common-sense reflection of our political leaders. We feel that we are living the end of a model and that a transition is underway. This phase offers major opportunities and openings for those able to read this transition in a serene way.

It seems, therefore, that the main cause of the developing crisis is more fear in the population and among decision-makers, by a media repetition without contradiction, and without independence, than the cause of that fear itself.

Approaching the subjects with a certain distance, a certain height of view and a little common sense, allows to put things into perspective and to detect the areas of progress in which our companies can stand out, progress and offer a sustainable service and products. The business mentor is available to entrepreneurs to allow this to take a step back.

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