Almost everyone has already seen a corporate balance sheet, to take stock of the financial health of the organisation. But few people know how to determine the success of a business without focusing on finances. What are the criteria for a non-financial assessment for what purposes?

For the majority of investors, qualitative reporting strongly influences their vision of the company. 

Integrated reporting can be defined as a concise communication about how the strategy, governance, performance and prospects of the organisation, taking into account its ecosystem, lead it to create value over time. It is designed to improve the quality of information made available to third parties such as investors. Giving visibility and strengthening confidence in the relevance of new business models is a key foundation of the approach.

Major groups such as Danone and Engie have already launched this approach for years. In 2018, 120 SBF120 companies have begun publishing integrated reports, and we are at a growth rate of more than 40% per year over the last 3 years. 

This report will form the basis for establishing transparency with the various stakeholders (consumers, customers, banks, investors, investment funds, etc.). A good way to maintain confidence, and to feed the strategic vision and build the future.

Among our clients, small companies between 30 and 50 employees already know how to value their actions,their indicators resulting from an ISO9001 approach (see CSR), and to use this collected data to mobilise their teams and dialogue with their partners. The main thing is done, the integrated report is nothing more than a formatting of adequate data to communicate on strategy, governance and confirm the expected perspectives.

While projecting oneself into the future is difficult today, putting forward one's indicators to clarify an ambition, confirming values (such as the company's human capital), remains accessible to all. A structured reflection with method and the first results come quickly.

Learning to manage the impact of our companies on the territories, in terms of jobs, societal and climatic impact, with a chosen transparency, is becoming a necessity. The implementation of an Integrated Report approach is a way of building the future.

Take a look at this approach, as we did in 2019, and you will see that building a perspective based on its know-how and organisation is supported by everyday operational data. If groups with their size and the cumbersome nature of their organisation have managed to do this, what could be simpler for our VSE/SMEs with a clear determination. 

This trend is not a fad but a major change, take an interest in the Integrated Reporting in a very pragmatic and operational way.


Written by Bruno Philippi & Pascal Echardour 

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