Selling your business is not always an easy thing, either for emotional or financial reasons.

But whatever you want, for the older ones among us, there comes a time when we must "hand it over" in the best conditions and for the most opportunistic of us, we must choose the right strategy to achieve the best possible added value.

For both of them, the choice must not be made in haste. This requires preparation for the oldest companies and anticipation, as soon as they are created, for companies with a short-term disposal strategy.

A large number of company managers starting a sale process are poorly or not prepared for it, but still hope to make the most of it.

To achieve this objective, 3 key questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my transfer price the right one?
  • What is my target for buyers?
  • What is the amount I want to recover at the end of the operation?

Selling at the high price is the initial objective of the seller, but in the end, isn't the most important thing what will remain in a net way, in the shareholders' pockets?

The time required to reach the closing can range from 12 to 36 months depending on the case, but good preparation beforehand can already reduce this delay.

The methods used also make it possible to anticipate exit solutions and get as close as possible to the objectives desired by shareholders

Today a large number of companies are to be sold or in a position to be sold and very few are coming to an end. And unfortunately, many disappear, taking with them their treasure of know-how.

Don't wait until it comes to that!

 Whether you’re selling to retire or to carry out a great deal, don't wait too long and anticipate! Prepare your exit, by being accompanied by professionals of the transfer, who will, in the end,  allow you to reach your objectives.

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