Know use the contributions of experience, to manage risk, facilitate investment and secure projects, a key of the ADINVEST International know-how...


melange 300x200 Leaders, you intend to buy or join to accelerate development. ADINVEST has a file of potential companies looking for partners or leaders and secures the access and departure to the SME, thanks methods at the European level.

Professionals, your professional experience is sectoral business or specific to a country or territory, ADINVEST enhances your experience introducing you to the language and attitudes required in SME and you can offer your services to companies who make the request to the network.

ADINVEST firmly believes that investment on top of record of a SME. To control his risk, ADINVEST facilitate the increase in the value and follows precisely the company and the funded project. This helps decision-making for your investment. Access to specific information until the option to bring your advice, or even to become a "prudent investor" through the sharing of experience on our international investor network.