Whether funds in debt or equity, the CrowdSolving of ADINVEST International offers various opportunities for the richness of the actors in the network...


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The fundraising requires a capacity to know and target the right private people before choosing to present a project. The experience of ADINVEST International network allows to prepare the elements necessary for the success of an operation after you consider finding alternative or complementary funding sources that limit the "dilution" of the leaders.

The European funding put in place by the European Commission (innovation, research and development, competitiveness of SMEs, internationalization,...) can offer support the deployment of your strategy. ADINVEST teams experience in European projects allow you to appreciate these strong opportunities to build a network adapted to the challenge of your business with European co-funding.

The valuation or specifically looking for the value increase is a constant for all projects followed by ADINVEST. The value of the company is the first measured and analyzed and encrypted decision-making value prospects. At the end, the path is traced and the Crowdsolvers are involved. A percentage of the decision-making value can be one of the modes of payment of the intervention teams ADINVEST.

The success of a transmission has to be built more on future perspectives than on the past experienced successful team. ADINVEST approach allows to draw-up that perspective based on the know-how and skills in place in the Organization; with method, through networks, relevant candidates are identified by the potential interest that can represent for the company for their strategy in the medium term.