The choice of partners is always a risk, but presents also underexploited opportunities, because of lack of vision, anticipation or open discussion...


mojito 300x190The know-how : ADINVEST teams-driven approach helps to identify the complementary expertises and useful to search for. Identify them clearly is essential to describe value-added actors (businesses, research centers,...) that can strengthen the technological or commercial axis. This allows you to act with a clear vision of the challenges, risks and opportunities.

An effective search: Be accompanied in his involvement in networks and consortia innovative makes it more efficient public and private fundraising Europeans. ADINVEST strengthens management actions for you to evaluate regularly their relevance, risks, and issues of the actors on the short and long term, by integrating wanted gains.

The Open Networks: Sponsorship or large international entrepreneurship policies constitute opportunities for SMEs, but the methods and languages are different. With ADINVEST, you work with methods at the European level that really enhance the contribution of executives from groups and possibly their integrations in the universe of the SMB.