Actors in the territories that contribute to the development of SMEs are many; all singular experiences can at the right time have appraised value. Innovation is built in cooperation between complementary actors...


fraise 227x300 Consultants ,

your active presence on your territory is a strong value, but  sometimes expand its fields of action becomes necessary.

  • Looking for new areas of missions,
  • looking for prospects by offering complementary services.
  • Develop your existing network and enhance your reputation in the territory where your business while increasing your turnover, become a consultant partner

To go further, develop skills of Mentor and get a European certificate. so you will strengthen your reputation in the territory where your activities.


Associations, Clusters and ADINVEST approach helps you develop your territory geographical and sectoral.

  • use the European mechanisms to leverage your financing capacity by selecting appropriate devices.
  • create partnerships with other french territories and other Europeans to value a transregional or transnational know-how and get so close geographically remote companies.
  • put in logic of networks each of your members in a secure and private manner.

The International CrowdSolvers Network, operated by ADINVEST, allows you to interact with our partners (investors, Institutions and Mentors) networks in other European territories with development support service targeted leaders (investment, transfer-recovery, etc...). You will follow your project with a precise, reliable and realistic reporting to governing bodies