After studies conducted by the European Union, there is currently a high ratio of bankruptcies for SMEs. This phenomenon is present everywhere in Europe mainly in Central and Eastern Europe but also in the new members of the EU. Since SMEs account for about 99% of existing businesses, they have become an important part of the French economy but also that of Europe. In order to correct the weaknesses of SMEs, many projects have been implemented including one coordinated by ADINVEST International and the Budapest Business School :

 TRUST ME - Training fort Unique Skills and Techniques for Mentoring
Co-financed by the European Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership program
NO. 2015-1-HUO1-KA202-013535


This project is aimed to offer training for candidates for the Mentors for the SME dirigieants. After having validated the Skill Card, will be determined the content of the training of Mentors in Lahti in Finlance from 29 to 30 September 2016.

This project is based on the implementation of training including 'Business critical' knowledge, methodology and skills and behavioral abilities. A first step of work helps to formalize knowledge, skills and competencies of Mentor for managers of SMEs at the European level, and the construction of the approach ' selection and support ' for their first actions in the field, based on the experiences of each country.

To ensure the relevance operational, training pilots will be carried out in the spring of 2017 in each of the countries involved in the project (Finland, Romania, Hungary, France) involving local organizations, in particular employers, in preparation for a planned future certification process.

Our partners:

To coordinate and monitor the project, sessions are regularly held in one of the 4 countries involved in the project.

Sustainability of results:

Product courses will be integrated into devices of training of all partner institutions and will follow a process of accreditation. ADINVEST International will integrate into its network all the candidates mentors after the fromation successfully process, to strengthen the network of actors on the European territory.


Intellectual outputs

  • Repository of skills for mentors
  • Assessment of entry
  • Training module: attitudes and behaviors of the mentor
  • Training module: diagnosis and support
  • Continuous assessment tool and final evaluation
  • Guide for implantation centres of support to SMEs
  • Accreditation documents

Multiply events

  • International training for members in France
  • Dissemination workshop, conference
  • Training pilot in 4 countries

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