The transnational dimension of ADINVEST International relies on a skills development of mentors of consistently across Europe, to ensure a unique operational culture through various entities set up in Europe.

These actions are supported by different European projects already described below which can lead notably to establishing a European Certification System for Business Mentor for SME owner (delivered beginning 2017).

To support this approach, the first tools have been implemented in early 2016 with including the following tools:

  • Openbadges, tools for follow-ups of skills of Mentors, and the follow-up of the involvement of investors,
  • Tools quiz, to collect and evaluate the actions in the field, with Mentors, on the one hand, and collect the opinions of investors to better anticipate the 'Companies' records to support,
  • E-learning service, will be made available in all the languages of our European partners to offer training on various themes materials (strategy, marketing, finance,...).