The objectives of the ADINVEST International project

  • to Encourage links, cooperation and exchanges amongst the socio-economic stakeholders of the civil society in the European Union and with its global partners, especially in the framework of finance to VSE, SME, SMI's and social development. 
    This financing mainly targets established VSE/SME/SMI's to enable them to develop their know-how assets, to (re-)design an industrial/business model and to add value on their activty.
  • to Encourage activities related to the financing of development between these stakeholders, as well as practical support at grassroot level, which goes beyond the simple financing to reinforce chances of success thanks to the identification of relevant resources for each entrepreneurial and societal context.
  • to Deploy innovative processes for enterpreneurial development: to bring geographical and transverse solutions to the relevant economy by facilitating private equity and enterprise transmission.

Participative project

  • by involving corporates,
  • by involving investors
  • by involving VSE/SME/SMI's
  • by its international action
  • thanks to its contact list and its international Business club

The ADINVEST project as a whole generates solutions, resources, skills and links based on an effective field network.


ADINVEST International, a growth and openess media