ADINVEST International, the open door to win new challenges.

Develop your enterprise internationally

questionnementThe ADINVEST International network consists of experienced actors, the relevant knowledge of their territory is a major asset.



  1.  You want to develop a commercial organisation internationally
    1. ADINVEST activates the network of members in the targeted countries to provide a proximity connection with your enterprise.
    2. ADINVEST supports you as an entrepreneur by facilitating the identification of candidates, their selection and the coaching of the teams of the commercial subsidiary.

  2. You are looking for suppliers of sub-contractors
    1. ADINVEST inform the network of members in the targeted countries to identify the enterprises which fit the required experience/needs.
    2. ADINVEST pilots the qualifying steps to allow you to act with a clear vision of the candidates, their environment and related challenges.

  3. You want to create of buy a business abroad
    1. ADINVEST informs the network of members in the targeted countries to identify potential solutions.
    2. ADINVEST supports the entrepreneur in the identification process, the selection and in the negotiation up to the acquisition.
    3. ADINVEST assists the entrepreneur at field level up to the "closing" of the deal with a clear vision on the challenges, issues, risks and opportunites depending on the country specificities.dvlpmt international 10
  4. You are looking for additional know-how and skills to reinforce your innovation
    1. ADINVEST helps to identify desired know-how, to select the relevant actors, enteprises, research centres... able to reinforce your innovation capacity,
    2. ADINVEST provides assitance in qualification steps in partnership building to allow effective decision with a clear vision of the challenges, risks and opportunities,
    3. ADINVEST supports the innovative consortium in searching for European public or private funding.
    4. ADINVEST strengthens the monitoring of engaged actions so that you can regularly assess their relevance, the risks and challenges for the stakeholders on the short and long term, taking the expected capital gains into account.

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