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Who is a Mentor ?

A Mentor is an independent consultant who wished to join a group to strengthen his image, bring new solutions to companies, enlarge his scope of actions, and develop his customer portfolio.

To become a Mentor in ADINVEST International network, it is to keep own independence within a group while having the opportunity to become a shareholder. 



Why becoming a Mentor ?

You are already an advisor or you are planning to start a consulting activity :

  • You think that in several it is better that alone,
  • You look for new axes of missions answering a need for your customers, 
  • You want to widen your area of competence and knowledge,
  • You want to strengthen your reputation on your field of activity,
  • You look for more perspectives in your activity,
  • You want to increase your current network,
  • You look for a recurring economic model,
  • You want to capitalize your investment.



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