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Europeanly Certified Mentor

Benefits of becoming a Business Mentor ?

If you already have a strong business experience, offering your services as a Business Mentor can be a real opportunity. This can be a very rewarding way to pass on the benefits of your professional experience.

As a Business Mentor, your will have to support, develop, stimulate and challenge SME manager. They can be new in business, already established and seeking fresh guidance to overcome key steps.

You can mentor using a variety of ways - including online, face to face, by telephone.

If I am ...

Senior Consultant or Manager
former SME owner
Experienced in various complex situations encountered in SMEs / SMIs
wishing to be

And if I have the following abilities   ...

Active Listening
Experience Sharing
Support and Guide
complete neutrality
Transfer of
and Experience
Global business knowledge with expertise or sectorial dimensions

I potentially have the appropriate profile !!

To support Managers, I can become an ADINVEST Business Mentor certified ISO 17024:

  • Belong to a network : an EU-recognized, structured organization of reputable reference in Business Mentoring
  • Have a certain organisational autonomy : determine how to manage your business mentors missions in line with your personal constraints and the needs of your clients.
  • Be trained at the beginning and in a recurrent way : to learn through a well-structured European-wide training.
  • Be followed, supported and reinforced by a structure and a method based on more than 10 years experience.
  • Be constantly monitored by an experienced Mentor dedicated to the region or sector.
  • Develop your business !
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