Turkey and the European Commission signed an agreement providing for the participation of Turkey in the program for the competitiveness of enterprises and small and medium enterprises set up by the European Union. Turkey is the fourth country that is not part of the EU signing such an agreement, after Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Moldova. The participation of Turkey will help expand the territory to which EU action to promote the success and growth of SMEs. 

The performance of SMEs / SMIs are highly variable depending on the size and European countries. The sectors of construction and manufacturing are affected, while business services, IT are in a dynamic exceeding the previous situations before the crisis with results up to 15%.

The report "Annual Report on European SMEs 2013/2014 – A Partial and Fragile Recovery"

Access this URL (/attachments/article/156/annual-report-smes-2014_en.pdf)annual-report-smes-2014_en.pdf[Annual report on European SMES 2013/2014 - EN]0 kB

Daniel Calleja Crespo, General Director of the DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Union, confirmed that SMEs are currently responsible for 85% of new EU jobs. This confirms the political line for SMEs in the Small Business Act and the Programme for the Competitiveness of SMEs.

"Support for SMEs is a priority for the EIB. And it is by uniting respective tools and skills that we will effectively support entrepreneurs in France" said the Vice President of the European Investment Bank, Philippe de Fontaine Vive (Friday, March 14th, 2014). Faced with the current economic context and the growing demand for financing SMEs, the EIB and BNP Paribas have agreed to strengthen their support to French companies via a credit line of 400 million euros.

Philippe de Fontaine Vive welcomed the new agreement. In 2013, the group devoted to 1.34 billion euros of financing. With the leverage of such funding, 5.6 billion euros of investments were made possible by more than 150,000 French SMEs and TPE in 2013. 


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