After studies conducted by the European Union, there is currently a high ratio of bankruptcies for SMEs. This phenomenon is present everywhere in Europe mainly in Central and Eastern Europe but also in the new members of the EU. Since SMEs account for about 99% of existing businesses, they have become an important part of the French economy but also that of Europe. In order to correct the weaknesses of SMEs, many projects have been implemented including one coordinated by ADINVEST International and the Budapest Business School :

To be continued… 

Since the Brexit, we heard about a wish of a Financial Institution with their employees in France. 
From the president to the prime minister, through Paris Europlace, we just heard some paradoxal financial declaration to the financials.  
For some, these declarations are very intense.  
But why such a situation? 
The Financial sector doesn't need such an excess of honor, nor indignity; aren't our leaders mounting a rearguard losing battle?  

What happen on the financial market after the BREXIT? 

In fact, not much has changed?  
The cataclysm announced didn't appear yet and some still believe that nothing will happen.  
Obviously, the European Stock Exchange has decreased but the Dow Jones register 18000 points, the CAC recovered 6% by 3 sessions, the Euro has been stable, only the UK pound heavily depreciated.  
Everything "could be for the best in the best of all possible worlds" as a (Pangloss) economist would say.  

Once upon a time there was an investor who was told that "the market" allows preparing one's retirement. 

After the 2008 crisis and the Greek debt, the "lost" investor saw with fear the arrival of the Brexit:  

1- Impossible to measure economic and financial consequences 
2- Misunderstanding of managers and other "experts" 
3- Unanimity of wealth managers approving that equity investment is beneficial in the long term 

But how long and which actions? 

Don't pass (go) through crowdfunding to invest ...

This measure may seem extreme but going through a crowdfunding platform is not as secured as an investment in life insurance (if this investment can still be considered as secured, but that's another debate) or even a saving plan in shares.

This investor should be advised. That is to say that some parameters should be taken into account

  • The collaborative platform, its seize, its reputation, projects funded,
  • The 'intelligent' data provided to the investor and accounting informations, company descriptions and relevant details concerning the project.

Then investors will be aware of the use of the funds and follow the ongoing progress of the project; what are the key success factors ? What about the percentage of achievement ?

ADINVEST International adapts its model and finances its growth