Once upon a time there was an investor who was told that "the market" allows preparing one's retirement. 

After the 2008 crisis and the Greek debt, the "lost" investor saw with fear the arrival of the Brexit:  

1- Impossible to measure economic and financial consequences 
2- Misunderstanding of managers and other "experts" 
3- Unanimity of wealth managers approving that equity investment is beneficial in the long term 

But how long and which actions? 

The investor is disoriented and his fear is growing up as soon as his money is "melting". 
This probably explains the increase of the funds deposited on current accounts in 2016 (it has almost doubled). Increasing the cash allows to reassure oneself and to find an illusion of purchasing power when the interest rates and return are too low (Pigous effect). 
But how can we prepare for retirement?  

Wealth managers and managers have an answer: 
"To invest in companies that pay high dividends and great value shares (stock picking)". 
This is extremely expensive and uncertain at the same time. 
But this research is subjective and depends on the general condition of the stock market.  

The only way: investment in SME/SMI 

…Banks and insurance companies are unlikely lending money to SME /SMI, so its time. 

In this « fog », banks and insurance companies are facing some difficulties to take risks and invest with "own funds" or loans. These institutions are refusing to consider approval for loans to SME. 
With the Brexit and the cash flow "flood", the interest rates will go down and the investor as well as banks and insurance companies will complain about lower financial yields and the decoupling between risk and profitability.  

…The SME owner has probably the answer  

Equity or debts financing of SME/SMI is a market secured from the fluctuations of financial markets.  
"we have chosen to go through crowdfunding because it's a way cheaper, efficient, fast and mostly non-bureaucratic - to obtain new stocks in the company"; 

Thanks to the Crowdfunding, we have increased our equity and more than 86.000 euros. "We have 163 new shareholders. Like our ambassadors, they promote our products, they sell them. Some restaurant owners sell products in all the country" says Tony. 

With that fundraising, Tony Asumaa will soon complete the funding of the automation of one part of his beverage production. According to him, Crowdfunding is giving a new impetus to SMEs and allows stimulating the regional economy. 


Investing in SME/SMI will help reduce the fluctuations of the markets, but some conditions are required: to be vigilant on every investment and to have a tool helping to measure the risks of the project and to become a real investor.  
Maybe preparing the retirement means to invest in SME/SMI ?

ADINVEST International adapts its model and finances its growth