What happen on the financial market after the BREXIT? 

In fact, not much has changed?  
The cataclysm announced didn't appear yet and some still believe that nothing will happen.  
Obviously, the European Stock Exchange has decreased but the Dow Jones register 18000 points, the CAC recovered 6% by 3 sessions, the Euro has been stable, only the UK pound heavily depreciated.  
Everything "could be for the best in the best of all possible worlds" as a (Pangloss) economist would say.  

The government borrowing rates continue the downward movement and the interest rates are still in a historically low rate zone.  
Of course, this "soft euthanasia of annuitants" to paraphrase Keynes is not a bad news for borrowers but for those who have little confidence in pension scheme and want to get ready for their retirement plan, it's a big disaster… 

Simultaneously, we have heard that the French federation of accountants and auditors spoke about the retirement plans and made a list of proposals; for example allowing us to choose between a reversible or non-reversible retirement under the mandatory system. 
"The cost of reversibility will be then charged to the pension scheme of the concerned person and no longer on a general mutualisation. In consequent, the reversionary interest should be used without any conditions of resources. Everyone should make benefit from the retirement reversibility to their partner or a PACS (civil solidarity pact) partner"  

So with the individualization of the pension schemes, supplementary pension benefits of the predeceased partner should be less required.  
Here is the link with the Brexit and the low interest rates; a valuable investment in the long term should be selected.  


If an investment in shares, as evidenced by the Brexit feedbacks is strongly anaesthetized by the central bank policy, the only way to restore its rightful place is to rank to risk: a real bet on the future.  

In this way, investing in SMEs cannot be removed from the portfolio of a future retiree. For this very reason the equity or debt crowdfunding, a direct investment or through an investment fund should not be neglected.  
But this type of investment requires a renewed attention, an "enhanced vigilance" and finally a fully-fledged professionalization.  

We will come back soon on that issue: "how can SME vision be more professionalize" 

To be continued….

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