To be continued… 

Since the Brexit, we heard about a wish of a Financial Institution with their employees in France. 
From the president to the prime minister, through Paris Europlace, we just heard some paradoxal financial declaration to the financials.  
For some, these declarations are very intense.  
But why such a situation? 
The Financial sector doesn't need such an excess of honor, nor indignity; aren't our leaders mounting a rearguard losing battle?  

The international finance is first of all an ecosystem (taxation, compensation, tools, process and working habits, etc...) and such a system is not easy to destabilize. 

Indeed, by following behind the international finance, aren't we forgetting an important part of our economy? 
As a matter of fact, we will never admit that the financial markets are easy to control and understand. The risks are numerous and the shares value creation efficiency is not anymore obvious.  
In addition, are the international groups the companies that incur more to the wealth creation and job creation of a country? 

For long-term investors (people getting ready for retirement for example), SME /SMI shares offer nowadays the best performance, and best perspectives of added value. 

Why instead of going to London, the 'Place de Paris' couldn't be the place of funding for SME/SMI, not only for French but also European ones ? 

Doesn't this strategy more coherent in a country where 

  • the saving rate is more important in Europe 
  • the image of SMEs is good 
  • the industry revitalization should be a national priority 
  • SME are more small and less export-oriented than the competitors (German and Italian) ?  

Of course, some actions are necessary: 

1. the investments need to be pinpoint, 
2. to encourage the crowdfunding
3. to put in place follow-up tools,  
4. to facilitate the transmission/takeover 

In short to make out some "love declarations" to get into the action.


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