From September 28th to 30th 2015, the European partners of the INSIST project met in Avignon. In this project, ADINVEST International is coordinating the development of training course for Mentoring for SME owners who are involved in a Enterprise transmission process.

Followings were attended the working session :

INSIST Avignon 20150930This mid-term meeting aimed to validate the European course contents which may be delivered in each languages for the end of the first quarter of 2016, in Hungary and Poland for testing with potential new SME owners of family business, and mentors who may support the transmission process.

These working sessions were finalised with an public information session hosted in the Chamber of Commerce of Avignon with numerous representatives like local authorities, banks central office directors, and service providers of SMEs (accountants, lawyers, consultants)

This meeting has allowed to share the project objectives focused on the family business transmission, but also to announce the acceptance of a new European project (TRUST ME), which will generalise this work to larger context of SME life cycle, and will also include new partners from Finland and Romania.

The main target for ADINVEST International for this next step is to prepare a certification approach for Mentors of SME owners.

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