Horizon 2020 supports Innovative SMEs through the SME Instrument. This instrument is dedicated to all innovative SMEs presenting ambitions to expand and internationalize.  
The European Commission is for the first time according fundings on projects carried out by one single company. The budget increase of SME instrument can bring benefits to some key sectors.  

The work programme 2016 - 2017 has been updated recently and the SME instrument budget has been increased with € 51,6 Million Euros more.

 However, the budget increase concerns four topics:  

  • Healthcare and biotechnology  
  • Sustainable agriculture 
  • Blue growth 
  • Environment, climate action 

More than 58 SMEs have been funded in over 16 countries since the beginning of the programme. 

Implementation of the programme 
Projects' funding goes through a support in the various phases funded by the European Commission. This support involves a « monitoring » or « coaching ».  
If your company operates in any of the sectors above, please contact us (info@adinvest-international.eu). 

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