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MentorCert Certification

The MentorCert certification, launched in 2019, was born from an Adinvest initiative that 
gave birth to an European project co-financed by the European Commission.

This project was based on missions led by Adinvest International and a network of European 
partners in order to design, experiment and validate the MentorCert Certification : 
150 pilot trainees 
60 experts involved 
More than 6 years of research and experimentation 



Validate the candidates' know-how and experience


Define key techniques and skills to be acquired


Test and Jury

A process to validate the acquired experience



Successful completion of the examination leads to the Mentorcert certification , ISO17024


Certification's operators


Responsible for conducting the MentorCert certification and ensuring the ISO 17024 compliance

Adinvest Europe

Member of the Jury and the MentorCert Committee 
In charge of the training program, animation/accreditation of training organizations
Experimentation and evolution of Certification

Training and preparation for MentorCert Certification

Adinvest proposes an operational training as an European Business Mentor. It includes support over several months by an experienced referee Business Mentor.

Operational training

20% of theoretical knowledge 
40% of practice and simulation 
40% of experience sharing

Preparing for MentorCert certification

The complete training over several months prepares you for the European Business Mentor Certification "MENTORCERT".

Sample title

Who is MentorCert certification for?

If you have experience and are willing to share it, you can offer your services as a Business Mentor. This job is extremely rewarding. From a particular perspective, it allows you to transmit to entrepreneurs your successful achievements but also challenges of your professional life and the fruits you have gained from them. 
MentorCert Certification allows you to validate and enhance your know-how and expertise with your future customers. 


I am ...

Senior Consultant or Manager/ ex Small Business Owner


Experienced in the occasionally complex situations that occur in SMEs and SMIs


As an independent or 
wishing to be


… and I have abilities …

Listening and 



As an independent 
or wishing to be


Support and Guide 
complete neutrality


Transfer of 
and Experience


Global business knowledge with expertise or sectorial dimensions

The European Network of Adinvest Certified Business Mentors

Initiated in 2019, this European network aims to offer all the chances of success to current and future Business Mentors in the acquisition of MentorCert Certification and the development of their business.

Indeed, beyond know-how and experience, Business Mentoring requires proven methodologies, networks, partners and tools (progress markers, collaborative project management...).

Joining the Adinvest Business Mentors Network is:

  • An apprenticeship and training program to achieve MentorCert certification,
  • A network of certified Business Mentors selected and trained by Adinvest,
  • Continuous training and expertise labels validated by Adinvest,
  • A European ecosystem of partners to facilitate business missions,
  • A proven methodological approach, exclusive to the Adinvest network,
  • Digital management tools dedicated to Adinvest Business Mentors,
  • A collaborative platform to share expertise and resources,
  • A guarantee of credibility and success with managers,
  • A communication kit.