The software tool for mentoring performance

With the field experiences of our Business Mentors, the achievements gained through experience has made it possible to enrich methods and build a tool focused on individual and collective progress. The Progress Software application makes it possible to ensure a qualitative follow-up of the progress reports shared between the CEO and the Business Mentor.

The innovative and easy-to-use product makes it possible to visualize and monitor the relevant axes to the achievement of the objectives set by the CEO, for himself, his organization and his projects.

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Manage the most appropriate areas of progress for you

A simple shared vision of 6 key dimensions per project to ensure success. In a few clicks, the CEO, the Business Mentor follow the evolutions and share the essential elements for success.

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Implement regular monitoring adapted to each project

The quality of the implemented actions is commented on for a flexible assessment adapted to each stage of a project.

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Build individual dashboards with a long-term vision

The detailed management of dashboards is adapted to the challenges of small and medium-sized businesses. Simplicity of use for maximum appropriation.

The advantages of Progress Software


Regular monitoring of 
your projects.


Work as a team for a long term perspective.


Progress Software complies with current European standards.

Business Mentoring

Designed to make your projects a success.

Communicate with

By social network or email notification. 


To diversify the useful sources for your projects.


COVID-19 Solidarity

PROGRESS SOFTWARE to manage the way out of the current crisis?