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The questions which the  ADINVEST International intervention has to answer are essentially complex, characterized by several concomitant problems with the same degree of priority.

The ADINVEST  International team intervenes when the complexity defeat the vision of the manager, often in the shorter or longer term, and thus push in risk the company. The relevant answer never lives in the simple application of a recipe …

Some examples :

  • Complex transmission, recapitalisation & essential restructuring.
  • Development of new concept using internationalisation & funding entry in capital.
  • Development of a franchise & funding by a private fund.
  • Merging & international Development.
  • Identification of potential diversification & EU fundings.
  • Development of new products & transfer of a part of the shares to a new partner.

However, every time we use the same principle :
A real focus on the strategy, including putting in coherence the manager's visions and the company perspectives, allow to become completely relevant.

Then, we should :

  • Reconcile the societal need which answers the company and its objectives.
  • Understand the difference between the market in which evolves the company, its positioning, its strategies of conquest or partnership and the objectives of valuation followed by the SME owner/manager (example : transmission).
  • Understand that the question of structure (Association/partnership) but also of Executive committee concern the manager personally and impact on the future of its management, as on the vision of its own capacities and his(her) team.
  • Estimate the good means. To look for example to investment funds will imply an other approach of the management and the power; thus questions about your entrepreneur's reflexes, attitudes and your way of managing.
  • Know that the methods (the international development for example) supposes taking some distance (if I do not speak the language) & the necessity of leaning on dedicated, estimated and reliable means.

Our method of Business Mentoring reconciles these aspects by following :

  • The common working phase.
    A short support period, focused on the objective of overcoming the key step for the manager and the company at the same time.
  • The "ongoing" phase.
    Slowly, a well-structured dialogue approach using the first phase results helps the Manager to handle the expected ambitions and get the experience of the Mentor to reah his(her) goals.


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